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Area Rug Cleaning by Zerorez® DC Metro

Just like your carpet, your rugs are magnets for dirt, pet dander, odors and germs. Fine area and specialty rugs require special care, and Zerorez® does the job right! And since we also believe that hassle should never be a barrier to cleanliness, we offer home pickup and return delivery of your area rugs.

young women laying on oriental rug

Why Choose Zerorez® For Area Rug Cleaning?

Zerorez® specializes in restoring rugs. We have two methods for cleaning area rugs, the first is an in-home cleaning, which cleans the surface of the rug. For more severe soiling or pet stains and odors, we offer an in-plant cleaning option. You are welcome to bring rugs into our DC Metro location for cleaning or a technician can take them at the time of your service.

No Soaps or Detergents

The Zerorez® cleaning process is platinum rated by the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) for maximum soil extraction. We extract up to 95% of the water that we put into your area rugs. This leaves your rugs cleaner, helps them to dry faster, and leaves no residue® behind that attracts dirt.

Powered Water

Cleans better than soap without leaving a sticky residue. When your area rug dries there is no residue® left behind to attract dirt.

Restores Color

We use a zero residue® technology that shortens rug dry time and restores color to your area rugs without color bleeding.

No Harmful Chemicals

Oriental and other delicate area rugs can be ruined by traditional, improper cleaning methods. Improper cleaning can damage fibers, bleed colors and leave a messy residue. We, at Zerorez®, understand the origins and construction of high-quality rugs. Our unique and safe cleaning process that includes our revolutionary zr water® does not employ harmful chemicals or other harmful cleaning agents. The Zerorez® cleaning process is fast, safe, non-toxic, even GREEN. Your area rug will look beautiful again!

baby feet on rug

Our Rug Cleaning Process

  • Inspection: Our technician will carefully inspect your rug, looking for spots, stains, or any damages before they begin cleaning your rug.
  • Dust Removal: Our in-plant rug washing involves very thorough dry soil removal to remove dry dust, sand, and grit.
  • Washing: Your rug will be treated with any special cleaners needed, and thoroughly cleaned.
  • Rinsing: Your rug will then be rinsed to flush out all products and dried completely before being delivered to your home.

Preserve and Protect

The Zerorez® rug cleaning process is certified Platinum by the Carpet & Rug Institute. We treat the delicate fibers of fine pieces with care. We only use products that are gentle on your rugs and safe for the people and pets in your home—plus our products are environmentally friendly. We provide a clean that restores the brilliant colors of area rugs and protects them from future damage.

Using the Zerorez® patented cleaning process to clean your rugs will:
  • Not damage delicate fibers as Zerorez® uses a safe, non-toxic cleaning method.
  • Shorten rug dry time; you’ll be able to use our rug just hours after we clean it.
  • Restore color to your rugs.
  • Use GREEN technology that protects your home and environment.

A Clean Home is a Healthy Home™

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