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Hardwood Floors

Do your hardwood floors need a facelift? If so, there's a good chance giving them one will take less effort than you think. Zerorez® offers a cleaning and preservation finish that reveals the rich, natural character of your hardwoods in just a few hours. We do all of this without leaving dust or residue behind. Get that luxurious look with Zerorez® hardwood floor cleaning and preservation process.

The only choice for a true clean that lasts longer.

Restore the Beauty of Your Floors

Can Hardwood Floors Last Forever?

Forever may be a little longer than we can comprehend, but your hardwood floors can last multiple generations when they are properly maintained and preserved.  Our hardwood cleaning and preservation system can do just that.  It does not affect the color or integrity of the wood, it does not create airborne dust, it is completely green, and only takes a few hours (not days) to complete.

Safe, Quick, and Dust Free

Using our unique system, we will deep clean your floor and apply a preservation finish that will maintain the integrity and protect your original finish.  This process removes soil and grit that is impossible to remove with products available to the homeowner.  Your floor will be renewed and ready for use in a matter of hours with no messy sanding and the inconvenience that goes along with it.

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High Quality Coating

To seal the deal, we'll apply 1 to 2 coats of high-quality, long lasting, water-based polyurethane, preserving the wood’s natural beauty.  Our preservation finish comes in either Gloss or Satin.  Most original finishes are satin and we recommend you stay with the satin as it is less likely to show scuffs and micro scratches as it wears.  However, if you like more gloss we are happy to accommodate.

What About Scratches and Dents?

With a sanding or screening process, where the finish is removed along with some of the surface of the wood, the scratches and dents will be removed, but this is a messy, time consuming and expensive process.  Since the vast majority of hardwood floors have only mild marring, scratches, and typical wear and tear, our system does not remove any of the intact, original finish or wood, but it will greatly improve the look of your floor.  Most micro scratches that dull your floor will be filled and disappear.  Heavier scratches are coated over, but may still be visible.  Dents in the wood remain, but may also be less visible.

Nothing Left but Shine

Our cleaning process captures up to 90% more than other cleaners. If your hardwoods have more than typical mild scratches and wear marks, don’t worry: Zerorez® can still get them back to their natural luster without creating a sandstorm in your house. Our dust-free process is green and hygienic. We’ll finish off with water-based polyurethane to seal in the look and give your floors protection that lasts.

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Less Time from
Start to Refinish

Resurfacing your hardwood floors should not take over your life. Zerorez® uses powerful stand-alone cleaning units and the latest resurfacing processes to cut down on time and hassle. You can even walk on your newly restored floors the same day we service them.