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Carpet Cleaning by Zerorez® DC Metro

At Zerorez®, we pride ourselves on the fact that we leave nothing in your carpet and upholstery that doesn’t belong there. We get rid of stains, smells, and germs that you can’t help but notice. Unlike many carpet cleaners, we make sure no soapy residues, harsh chemicals, or extra water is left behind – as these substances can actually make things worse.

Zerorez® uses a revolutionary cleaning process that includes zr water® to loosen embedded dirt then extracts the dirty water with our patented zr wand™. The zr wand™ recaptures 2X the amount of water traditional carpet cleaning tools do. The result is a healthy clean that lasts.

couple on carpet

Why Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning?

The Zerorez® cleaning process does not use soaps, harsh detergents or shampoos to clean, but uses our three-step process: the zr lifter® lifts dead skin, hair and other particulates from your carpet; with our zr water® we then rinse your carpet fibers with our high-pressure and controlled patented zr wand™ that extracts the dirt and soil, leaving your carpet Residue Free®.

cute dog on rug

Eliminate Pet Odors

A pet owner’s number one concern can be how to get pet smells out of their home. Traditional carpet cleaners often address the carpet surface, by trying to clean the visible animal waste, leaving a potentially much larger problem underneath the carpet—in the carpet backing and pad, the floor’s subsurface and sometimes the baseboards and walls. Traditional carpet cleaners often simply mask remaining odors by spreading perfumes, oils or other odor masking agents, offering only temporary results.

zr lifter®

Our zr lifter®, an agitation tool, which uses counter-rotating brushes to dislodge hair, dead skin, allergens and deeply embedded dirt from the carpet fibers that conventional vacuuming does not remove.

zr wand™

Our zr wand™ thoroughly rinses carpet fibers without flooding the carpet’s backing and pad. We’re able to recover virtually all the water used, resulting in a more complete clean and significantly improved dry times.

zr water®

zr water® is an electrolyzed cleaning fluid created by a process that begins with softened water (minerals removed) that is combined with an electrolyte and then passed through a proprietary membrane, which separates the water molecules into a high pH cleaning fluid.
Our zr water® acts like a detergent by breaking down oils and soils in carpet without harmful chemical residue. With no residue® you can know that your carpets will stay cleaner longer.

What’s Included?

Our standard cleaning includes: pre-treating, scrubbing the carpet fibers, and cleaning using truck-mounted equipment. Here is what you can expect to receive with our standard carpet cleaning:


We use a citrus-based product to help break up dirt, oils, and other residues.

zr lifter® Service

Our zr lifter® is a counter-rotating brush machine that helps lift the pile of your carpet, fluff the fibers, and further break up dirt and oils in preparation for extraction.


We use our zr water® and zr wand™ to extract dirt and oils from your carpet. As your carpets dry, our zr water® evaporates and there is nothing left behind.

gotta love it guarantee logo

No Hassle Guarantee

Zerorez® wants to put you at ease. We are so confident in our process that we guarantee results. We offer a thirty-day “Gotta Love It” guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, we’ll come back to fix the problem for free!

seal of approval


Platinum Rating

Zerorez® has been given the Platinum Rating from the Carpet and Rug Institute for achieving the highest rating of soil removal possible.

red wine spill on carpet

Spills and Stains – Solved for Good

Deep stains in carpet or upholstery can ruin the look of a room. It’s tempting to think that it takes harsh detergents or strong chemicals to get stains out. However, the truth is detergents always leave behind a soapy residue—and soapy residue actually attracts dirt and oil towards the fibers of your carpet or furniture. Furthermore, some chemicals can damage fine fabrics.

Zerorez® offers a better, more permanent answer. Our patented zr water® solution leaves behind zero residue®—meaning your carpet and upholstery stay cleaner, longer.

Thorough Care for Your Thoroughfares

It’s easy to see discoloration in the high-traffic areas of many carpets. However, discoloration is often the first thing to reappear after a traditional carpet cleaning. Conventional cleaners use a lot of high-temperature water even though high-temperature water can damage a carpet’s backing and seep underneath carpet. When carpet is exposed to footsteps, stains rise up from the pad beneath.

Zerorez®’s low-pressure cleaning process gets to the root of your carpet’s fibers, but does not penetrate the backing. We also use about half the water other cleaners do, which means your carpet will be dry and ready to stand up to normal wear-and-tear just hours after a carpet cleaning. If you have black lines around your baseboards and/or dark high traffic patterns, Zerorez® has a specific service to tackle these issues.

A Clean Home is a Healthy Home™

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