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Let Zerorez® do the cleaning and disinfecting before you leave, so you come home to a clean house!

When you’re getting ready to go on vacation, cleaning and disinfecting the house might seem like the last thing you need to be doing. You’re packing and planning, maybe working longer hours to get projects to a place you can leave them for a while, and you’re cramming more errands and activities into fewer hours, trying to get ready for your trip. Who has time for getting carpet stains out or do it yourself upholstery cleaning when you’re prepping for a trip? And yet, when your vacation is over and you’re dreading getting back into the daily routine, opening the door to a clean, fresh, orderly home makes the return easier to bear. 

And no one wants to come home to a stinky house. If you’ve ever come home after being gone a few days to discover that you left something on the counter or in the trash that fills the whole place with a foul odor or you didn’t use that carpet odor remover before you left, you know what we mean. It pays to do the cleaning and disinfecting before you go. But where are you going to find the time? 

Turns out the answer is easy: let Zerorez® DC  take care of some of it for you! Here are just some of the cleaning and disinfecting chores we can take off your list and that will leave your home fresh and clean for when you return from vacation.

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Odor Removal

As the weather warms up, the things that cause odors in the home warm up too, making them more pronounced. If a pet has left a stain and it wasn’t completely soaked up and treated, it will become much more obvious when the inside of the home is warmer and more humid, and the air is still while you’re away. Food decays faster in the warmth and can leave a horrific odor hovering in the house. 

We’re often asked how to get rid of carpet odor from pets or just how to get rid of carpet stains. You can read through our last blog on cleaning carpet stains home remedies or you could just call Zerorez® for a refresh (after all, getting carpet stains out is our specialty). 

The Zerorez® answer to cleaning and disinfecting stains is our proprietary process that includes a non-toxic, food-grade enzyme that destroys unpleasant smells instead of just hiding them (our own special carpet odor remover) and zerowater®. Will carpet cleaning remove stains? We’ll make sure our carpet cleaning pet stains and odor leaves your carpets pet stain-free (if those cleaning carpet stains home remedies don’t end up working or if you’ve left the stains too long). And we can even provide you with our “green” solution to cleaning your tile, countertops, glass surfaces, natural stone, and other hard floor surfaces to clean, protect against harmful pathogens, and keep them looking their best.

Upholstery Update

The kids being home full-time all school year, with not much to do, the furniture has taken a serious beating. Dirty feet, dropped food and spilled drinks, and pets up on the furniture have all contributed to dirty and stained upholstery. Pollen and other allergens, and harmful microbes can sink deep into porous upholstery. 

You can try do-it-yourself upholstery cleaning, or you can have us perform a professional upholstery deep clean before you go to give you a fresh start when you return. Zerorez® cleaning products don’t contain any soaps, detergents or shampoos, and can remove all the odors, dust, dirt and stains, restoring and refreshing the appearance of furniture.  

Freshen Up Your Mattress 

You spend a third of your life in bed, and the one thing most vacationers miss most when they’re out of town is the familiar comfort of their own bed. But every night, you lie down on your mattress which, similar to upholstery, is pretty dirty. It’s like putting clean clothes on a dirty body! Dead skin cells, dust mites, pet dander and fur, food particles, plus body oils and fluids create a kind of dirt that you can’t remove by simple vacuuming. 

That’s just where we start. We’ll vacuum, treat spots, and give your mattress a deep clean using our cleaning products to remove all the dirt and allergens without leaving any chemical residue. Let Zerorez® do the cleaning and disinfecting and stains won’t come back.

Seasonal Patio Furniture Update

How many of us try to recapture the feeling of vacation when we come home by enjoying our outdoor spaces more? But patio furniture takes a beating during the season when it’s out in the elements. 

Pollen, dust, animal droppings, food and drinks from the people sitting on it can stain outdoor furniture. And when it gets wet, it can develop mildew; especially cushions, umbrellas and outdoor carpets. You might not notice it when you put it away for the winter, but you’ll definitely notice when you go to pull them all out of storage. But don’t throw away that expensive furniture – Zerorez® cleaning and disinfecting processes can get out mildew and stains, making it all like new again. 

Hardwood Flooring Facelift

Hardwood floors can be stunning features in your home. But shoes in the house, pets, dirt particles, and furniture can all leave scratches in hardwood – even if you do take preventative measures. Dust accumulates and creates a film, and if you don’t use the right tools and products, it can dull those beautiful floors. Zerorez® hardwood cleaning can give your hardwood floors a facelift using products that preserve and protect your floor’s finish. 

Zerorez® specializes in treating carpets, but we can do so much more when it comes to the cleaning and disinfecting help you need. Your home is your most expensive asset. You’ve invested time and effort into having the house you want. You want your home to be fresh, clean and odor-free when you return from vacation. Let us help you get to the clean you deserve!


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