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Black and white tiles

When it comes to household cleaning, some spaces get more attention than others. Every day, high touch surfaces should be getting the most. What you can’t forget, though, are those deep cleaning jobs that need more detail. The ones you probably have a hard time reaching. Such as your stone, tile, or deep grout lines.

At Zerorez® DC Metro, we specialize in those hard to clean areas. Our process is done without the use of harsh chemicals, detergents, soaps, or shampoos. Leaving behind no residue, the surfaces stay cleaner for longer.

Without a surface for dirt and germs to stick to, our Power Water technology deeply cleans the area. Let us explain why our water based cleaning process is a better alternative!

Why You Should Clean These Surfaces
White tiles in kitchen wall

Scheduling these professional stone, tile, and grout cleanings once or twice a year, keep the durability and appearance of your floors up to par. Maintenance is key and taking preventative deep cleaning measures benefits you in the long run.

Not only does it help the appearance and durability, professionally cleaning your floors keeps your home healthier.

Things such as pollen, bacteria, and even pet dander stick to these surfaces. Settling deep into the grout, they can create future health problems. Triggering chronic illnesses such as asthma and severe allergies.

These surfaces are extremely porous. Which means they can also hold onto things like bacteria, dirt and mold. So even if you’re cleaning the surface while sweeping and mopping regularly, you’re not penetrating beyond that. Not reaching the germs and other bacteria creates an opportunity for them to spread into other areas in your home.

Why You Should Hire Professionals to Do It

Most cleaning in your home, yes, can be done yourself. That doesn’t always mean that it should be. Some areas should be left to professionals. That way you know they’re getting cleaned properly and safely.

No matter how hard you scrub, you won’t be able to provide the same cleaning power as Zerorez® DC Metro. They’re qualified and have the right tools to remove the tough surface stains and germs.

You also cannot provide the professional sealant after a proper cleaning that will prevent future dirt and germs from penetrating the surface.

With the right knowledge, technology and safe cleaning process in mind, you should look into hiring a professional and save yourself the stress. It’s our job at Zerorez® DC Metro to take care of your tile and grout for you. So you don’t have to!

The Zerorez® Cleaning Method
Clean grout with water

Using their own patented cleaning method, Zerorez® has grout and tile cleaning down to a science. Removing dirt, soil and germs at a safe and efficient level. Further explaining the Zerorez® method, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process.

Beyond Green Technology

When looking at professionally cleaned surfaces, Zerorez® can still use high-grade cleaners that protect the environment, and your home.

Using an innovative, non-toxic, water based cleaning agent that leaves behind zero residue for germs and dirt to stick to.

With the end result of clean and smooth surfaces in your home. Our Beyond Green technology is a safe and highly effective cleaning process that removes surface dirt and germs.

zr water® Technology

Most household safe cleaners and disinfectants tend to leave behind a film, or residue on surfaces when used.

Zerorez® specializes in zr water® cleaning technology. This scientific cleaning process is exhibited without the use of detergents, soaps, or harsh chemicals that tend to leave behind residue. Which then creates a breeding ground for more dirt and germs in the future to stick to.

No residue means that the surface stays cleaner for longer. The zr water® uses a safe water pressure that removes dirt and stains within the grout lines. Not only removing dirt and germs, we restore the color of your grout.

Surface Sealer

After the grout and tiles are clean, the next step should be protection. We seal the area with somewhat of an invisible barrier.

Our surface sealer blocks future stain penetrations and makes your tile and grout easier to clean in the future.

Zerorez® Tile Cleaning
Clean multicolored grout

With our three step cleaning process, Zerorez® makes tile cleaning simple and safely effective.

After our zr water® technology cleans away the dirt and grime in your tile and grout, restoring its original color. Then followed by our Nano-Tech surface sealer, protecting your floors from future stains. Keeping them clean and beautiful for years to come.

Restore your home’s floor appearance to look “like new”! Reducing future cleaning by up to 50%.

Zerorez® Stone Cleaning
clean white and black grout

Natural stone and hard marble surface areas are becoming more common in homes. They may be used for countertops, tables, entryways, etc. With those foreign materials, comes new cleaning guides. Every varied surface has a different method.

When it comes to stone cleaning, Zerorez® DC Metro is the most qualified contender to get the job done for you. No one cleans granite, or other stone more thoroughly. With the Zerorez® stone cleaning process, we protect your expensive decor investment and keep it shining for years to come.

We believe that a healthy home begins with healthy stone surfaces. Especially when they’re in areas such as the kitchen.

Properly cleaning and sanitizing stone, or granite countertops protects you and your loved ones from potential hazards that may be lurking on your high touch stone surfaces.

Restore the Color
Clean brown grout

After using our patented zr water® cleaning process to remove dirt and grime from your grout and tile, we reveal the amazing color that’s been restored. Our powerful process gently removes the surface stains embedded in the grout and tile. All while effectively cleaning it as deeply as needed.

After the tile and grout have been cleaned of their soil buildup, they’re left sparkling with our no residue technology. Leaving no room for more soil and germs to cling to sticky cleaning products.

Then using our Nano-Tech sealer, we protect and enhance your floors. Continuing to use our Green Technology that protects you and your home for the extended future.

Book Online Now

Now if your home has tile and grout, chances are they’re not getting the proper attention they need from a professional cleaning service. Don’t let the soil and germs continue to build. Take the first step in creating a cleaner, healthier home. Scheduling with Zerorez® couldn’t make it any easier.

Visit Zerorez® DC Metro online now, to book your tile and grout cleaning service. No one cleans the way we do, with our patented cleaning process. Get the job done correctly and efficiently!

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