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The Pros Weigh in on the Best Products for Your Carpets

Carpeting and rugs are the furnishing in your home that ties everything together. They make living spaces feel warmer under our feet and cozier on a cold night. A beautiful rug can be the centerpiece of a room, adding luxury and sophistication to a space. We put a lot of thought into buying the perfect carpet or rug. The colors, patterns, the fiber type and density, the foot traffic that it will be subjected to, our lifestyle, how it will hold up for years to come, and what it will take in getting carpet stains out to keep it looking as beautiful as the day it was first laid down on your floor. 

But as long as there are people living in a house with carpets and rugs – especially if there are kids, pets, social gatherings, and active lifestyles unfolding – stains will happen. When stains happen, there are common questions most of us ask. Is the carpet or rug ruined? How much is it going to cost to fix it? Can I have carpet stains home remedy? Don’t panic! We have solutions on how to get rid of carpet stains and three products we recommend to make that happen.


First Things First – Blot the Spot to Stop the Stain!

The very first rule of getting carpet stains out is to not waste a minute–get to blotting ASAP! When the coffee has just spilled or the dog hasn’t made it to the back door in time–when it’s just happened, it’s not a stain yet. It’s still just a spot, and a spot can be treated very easily without it turning into a stain.

Most stuff that lands on carpets is water soluble – even wine, tomato sauce, and bodily fluids. But how quickly you act and what you use to treat the spot will determine if the spot is going to set and become a stain. Rubbing a spot will damage the fibers of the carpet and may actually push the liquid in the spot further down the carpet, into the padding. Once you’ve soaked up the excess liquid, you can start working with products to treat it before discoloration and odor starts setting in. 

A Note of Caution

The following recommendations are for synthetic fiber carpeting only. Be aware of liability on any new carpeting before you treat spots. Do not use any home remedies or over-the-counter products on wool, silk, or high-end oriental rugs. 

Removing Pet Spots and Stains

Once the panic has worn off and you’re not angry at your pet anymore–and the majority of the moisture has been blotted up, your best friend is Zerorez®. This short video shows how we can help with pet stains (and you can check out our Zerorez® pet treatment reviews to confirm it works). 

But since accidents rarely happen during our business hours, and you do not want to wait to address a pet stain, your second best friend is ZeroStinkTM, a specialized enzyme deodorizer that Zerorez® carries that is great for pet stains and other odors in the home. Do not use soap and water before you use ZeroStinkTM, as the soap may deactivate the enzymes ZeroStinkTM needs to get rid of the smell. The bacteria-based formula produces enzymes when ZeroStinkTM comes in contact with urine, feces, vomit, drool and blood, or other organic material, neutralizing it. 

The longer ZeroStinkTM has to soak into where the organic material spot is, the better the enzymes work. When ZeroStinkTM is used  as directed, the enzymes remove the odors and stains, continue to treat the area until the biological material is gone, which prevents the animal from returning to the spot and marking again. It’s safe to use around animals and children, and safe on synthetic carpets and other floor surfaces. Contact Zerorez® to inquire about purchasing ZeroStinkTM

The Best Home Remedy

White vinegar has become the DIY-er’s best friend for cleaning naturally and is also a great carpet stains home remedy. The acetic acid naturally found in vinegar is often found in other over-the-counter cleaning products. It cuts through dirt, grease, and is strong enough to kill bacteria. White distilled vinegar also has no color, so it is safe to use on fibers like carpeting without the concern of making a stain worse, making it a terrific solution for getting carpet stains out. 

Simply dilute one part white vinegar to one part warm water and blot the spot until the discoloration disappears, using a different section of the cloth you’re using to be able to see that the spot is coming up. Be sure to apply the vinegar to a cloth that you use to blot, not directly onto the carpet, so as not to over-saturate the fibers or wind up leaking both the vinegar and what caused the stain into the padding underneath and make matters worse. You might not like the smell at first, but it doesn’t last forever–in an hour or so, you won’t even notice a smell.  

Wine and Carpets    

Let’s talk about everyone’s nightmare when it comes to carpet stains: red wine. We’ve all been there. You’ve got a group of friends or family over, you’re all standing or sitting around the house, talking, laughing, having a drink or two. Someone tells a joke or a funny story and the hand that’s holding the glass full of deep, dark red wine bumps into someone and it all falls to the floor, forming a spectacular splatter across your newly installed carpeting. 

We recommend a product called Wine Away Stain Remover. With weather warming and people starting to get together again, be sure to pick up some today before you find yourself in a moment of panic. This product contains no bleach or phosphates. Follow the instructions for how to apply it on the bottle and blot away using a clean cloth. But just like any other stain, time is of the essence. The quicker you start to blot, the better your chances of removing a spot instead of living with a stain. You can use this product to help prevent permanent staining until Zerorez® can come out and do a proper rinse and extraction.

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These are just a few tips anyone can do anytime to keep your spring clean fresh throughout the year. With just a little extra effort, you’ll find your home stays cleaner longer.  

Contact us to find out about our current Monthly Specials on Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services. Call Zerorez® DC Metro at 703-382-1221 – or book a carpet cleaning appointment online. Does Zerorez® really work? Check out our Zerorez® reviews and you’ll find the answer is a resounding yes!

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