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The Power of Our Patented Cleaning Process That Includes zr water® Cleaning Solution Removes Stains and Restores Color for Longer

Anywhere in your home you have tile flooring – the kitchen, the bathroom shower, the deck of the swimming pool – we bet there’s dirt and grime collecting on and in between those tiles.

It’s kinda gross.

Did you know we clean more than just carpets? Expert tile and grout cleaning is another featured service of Zerorez® of the DC Metro.

Just like we’ve done for carpet cleaning, Zerorez® beats the competition with a revolutionary, green, high-tech method to get those nasty stains off that tile and grout – and keep them out!

The Zerorez® Way To Keep Tile and Grout Cleaner, Longer

Step 1: We let the magic of zr water® do its work.

First, we treat the tiling with our zr water® cleaning solution, dispensing it at a high, yet safe pressure. This will lift all the dirt, soil, grime, dried food, whatever’s causing the staining, right away from the surface of the tile and grout.

But wait. What’s zr water®?

Zr water® is an electrolyzed, oxidative, high-alkaline water solution that’s absolutely free of soaps, detergents, or any harmful harsh chemicals. It kills most germs and bacteria instantly, and keeps killing for up to 90 days, making zr water® the best tile grout cleaner and disinfection services in use by professional house cleaners.

By oxidizing zr water®, we increase the electrical valence of the cleaning solution, making it act even stronger against tough stains. Zr water® works to lift the stain away from the surface it had been stuck to, without leaving behind any dirt-attracting residue.

Check out this short YouTube video that gives more details about what zr water® is and why it works so well in our tile cleaning service.

Zero residue, ever. That’s part of the Zerorez® difference.

Step 2: We seal in the clean.

Once the zr water® has done its job (with a little help from another environmentally friendly cleaning product: elbow grease), your Zerorez® DC cleaning technician can apply our special Nano-Tech surface sealer.

This eco-friendly sealant guards tile against future stains, spills, and soiling for a long time (and many footsteps) to come, reducing cleanings up to 50%.

Our goal when providing tile and grout cleaning services is more than removing dirt, restoring color and returning tiles to a like-new shine. We’ll also protect, seal, and beautify your tile for the long term.

The result of professional tile and grout cleaning by Zerorez® DC is a like-new appearance that looks amazing – and will continue to look amazing long after the job is done.

Regular Tile and Grout Cleaning: Good For You, Good For Your Home

It’s spring cleaning season, and nowadays Zerorez® DC is doing a lot of tile and grout cleaning services near you, at homes and offices throughout Northern Virginia and the Washington DC area.

It’s vitally important to clean your home’s tile and grout on a regular basis. Not only will you prevent the buildup of potentially harmful pathogens from making your family sick, you might also avoid some very expensive repair bills.

A few good reasons to make tile and grout part of your spring cleaning:

  • Grout stains are havens for germs and bacteria.
  • Untreated tile stains can become permanent damage.
  • Mold and mildew buildup could lead to costly flooring fixes.
  • Tiles may eventually fracture, loosen or break.
  • Stained, discolored tile and grout is just plain ugly.

Do It Yourself: Three Great Green Tips To Clean Your Tiles and Grout

Other than carpet, tile is one of our favorite surfaces to clean. (Maybe that’s because they’re so versatile.) From ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, marble, to hardwood tile – just to name a few – each type requires its own level of care, maintenance, and cleaning regimen.

But if you decide to give DIY tile and grout cleaning a try, be sure to take these top tips from the pros on how to clean floor tile grout – and get the best results possible without having your own tanker truck full of zr water®.

Tip 1: Warm water and a stiff brush.

Pour or spray some hot water onto the stain. Immediately scrub the area in a circular motion, then blot-dry with a towel. You’ll want a brush with bristles hard enough to scrape up the stain, but not enough to scratch the tile.

Tip 2: Warm water, vinegar, and a stiff brush.

Tougher stains require tougher measures. Pour equal amounts of vinegar and hot water into a spray bottle and apply the mixture to the tile and grout. Let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub and dry.

Tip 3: Hydrogen peroxide and a stiff brush.

To get out the grime on the grimiest grout, you may be forced to bring the heavy artillery out. Pour some hydrogen peroxide directly on the stained areas, let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub and dry.

But Don’t Do This: How Not To Clean Tile and Grout

Traditionally, cleaning tile and grout – like carpet cleaning – has meant harsh chemicals and heavy soaps. Not only are such substances harmful to your family’s health, they leave behind residues that attract more dirt and grime later.

What’s more, mopping a tile floor doesn’t remove all the dirt and mold; a mop will just spread it around.

So, if you opt to clean your tile and grout yourself, remember these simple rules:

  • Put away the soap.
  • Greener solutions are cleaner solutions.

Get Your Tile and Grout Zerorezified® This Spring – For Less

DIY has its place, but the best way to clean tile grout is the revolutionary, eco friendly, Platinum-certified process Zerorez® uses to make carpets cleaner for longer is the same process we use on your tile floor, bathroom shower and other hard surfaces.

And it works just as well, too!

Thinking spring cleaning? Don’t forget about the tile and grout – and make your next appointment with Zerorez® DC so we can get ALL the dirt and grime out!

Click the Book Now button at the top of this webpage, call our office at 703-382-1221, or email us at [email protected].

Limited-Time Offer: A Spring Cleaning Special from Zerorez® DC

Get your tile and grout cleaned, and much more! Ask about our other home sanitizing services.

For a limited time, Zerorez® DC will perform a FREE hallway cleaning when you order a 3-room cleaning – all for just $129!

Please use the code “SPRING129” when making your appointment.

Locally owned and operated Zerorez® DC and Fredericksburg “The Right Way To Clean” in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, Maryland (including Bethesda, Wheaton and Hyattsville), and the Northern Virginia Region (including Herndon, Vienna, Brambleton, Potomac Falls, Centreville, Annandale, Tysons Corner, McLean and Pentagon City) since 2015.


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