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Deep Cleaning Checklist: Game Planning for the Big Game Day

It’s game day! Football fans across the nation are gearing up for the biggest football event of the season, that hallowed event that happens every February and has fans – and advertisers – on the edge of their seats. Are you excited for the game because you are a passionate football fan? Or, are you showing up for the party because you love all the snacks and commercial breaks? No matter your motivation to host or attend a game day party, it’s a great time to connect with friends and family.

If you’re the lucky household to host the party this year, it’s time to get started with your preparations. The work you put in right now with deep cleaning a house gives you a fresh space that you can enjoy during the big game.

As you create a deep cleaning checklist for the big game, you can break your activities into three categories: prepping for game day, game day, and cleaning up after everyone leaves. You might set aside a few hours for a DIY approach for completing your deep cleaning list. Or, hire a deep cleaning service near me if you want to bring in the pros while you focus your time on grocery shopping and cooking.

Deep Cleaning Checklist: Phase 1 – Prepping for Game Day

For most of us, preparation starts days before the big game. When you are entertaining, you want to make sure the space is fresh and ready for hosting. Cleaning and disinfecting (and for some this includes finding a carpet odor remover) in advance creates a clean and comfortable space that your guests can enjoy.

In Phase I, there are three core elements to consider when you are preparing for game day:

  1. Start with Disinfection Services

Sanitize hard and soft surfaces to minimize the risk of spreading illness. This step is especially important because of the ongoing pandemic concerns. Cleaning and disinfecting help to reduce the potential risk when you are bringing multiple people into the same space for a social gathering. It helps keep your guests safe!

  1. Focus on How to Get Rid of Carpet Stains

Next, check the flooring to see if any carpet stains need to be cleaned before your guests arrive. Then, use a carpet stains home remedy to lift the dirt and reduce the long-term effects of stains on the flooring.

  1. Do You Need a Pet Odor Remover for Carpet?

Finally, make sure to use a carpet odor eliminator in case there are remaining smells left behind. Even if the visible carpet stain is gone after you finish cleaning and disinfecting, it’s possible that there are lingering proteins in the carpet fibers that will make your home smell. A pet stain and carpet odor remover with enzymes (like ZeroStink™) has specific ingredients to break down these urine proteins.

Deep Cleaning Checklist: Phase 2 – Game Day

When kick-off time is approaching, do you have the right tools and cleaning supplies on hand to address any messes that happen on game day? Prepping before the big game can save you – and your guests – stress and hassle. Messes are inevitable, especially when people are moving around with food and drinks in hand. Keep these two tips in mind for the game day!

  1. Prepare Your Deep Cleaning List of Products to Have On Hand

One tip for surviving game day is to make sure you are ready to clean up the stains when they happen. Consider both deep cleaning vs. regular cleaning. For example, you can quickly wipe up a mess on the coffee table when someone spills salsa and nacho cheese. But deeper cleaning is required when there are wine spills on the carpet, rugs, and upholstery. And it’s a lot easier to be prepared with cleaning products in hand than to be looking for upholstery cleaning how to tips during the game. 

  1. Do a Quick Clean and Save the Deep Cleaning Service for After the Game 

Nobody wants to be the guest who grinds the party to a halt because they dropped their pizza. Do yourself and your guests a favor by doing the best that you can in the moment to mop up the mess, but leave the deep cleaning service for later. You can always follow up with deep cleaning a sofa or rug after the guests leave – especially if you have the right products on hand to stage yourself for later success.

Deep Cleaning Checklist: Phase 3 – The Afterparty

After you celebrate the win, the party will start to wind down as everyone heads home for the evening. Your work isn’t done at this point! Even if you have a deep cleaning service coming on Monday morning, it’s wise to clean up a little before going to bed.

  • Post Party Cleanup

This maintenance is focused on getting your house back in shape after the party. Throw away empty bottles, start the dishwasher, and wipe down the counters. Then, in the morning, you can work on more significant tasks such as deep cleaning laminate floors or deep cleaning wood floors (or calling in the professionals for their help with cleaning and disinfecting post party).  

Need Help Getting Carpet Stains Out After the Party? Zerorez® DC Is Just a Phone Call Away

Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services are always available from our team at Zerorez® DC. So whether you are trying to get beer spills out of the carpet or nacho cheese off the couch, contact us to ask about Monthly Specials for both Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services. Contact Zerorez® DC Metro at 703-382-1221 — or schedule an appointment online for carpet or upholstery cleaning.

You can find us on social media:  connect on Facebook or find us on LinkedIn if you need business or commercial services. You can also find many cleaning tips on our blog, The Residue Chronicles! And check out our Zerorez® DC reviews to see what our customers are saying about our services. 

Zerorez® DC and Fredericksburg are locally owned and operated, offering The Right Way To Clean in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, Stafford County (including Dodds Corner, Dahlgren, and Chestnut Hill), Maryland (including Rockville, Potomac, and Silver Spring) and the Northern Virginia Region (including Fairfax, Annandale, and Kingstowne) since 2015.

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