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What are your motivations for spending a Saturday working on a spring cleaning list or designing a weekly routine for cleaning your home? Of course, you know you like to have a clean house to share with your family. But it can be hard to find the motivation when it’s time to pick up the broom.

Need a little motivation? One of our best tips for spring cleaning is to remind yourself about the underlying benefits you receive from having a clean home. This mental focus makes spring cleaning ideas move from idea to reality: a fresh, comfortable space where you can enjoy time with the people (or pets) you love.

What Is on Your Spring Cleaning Checklist?

What is spring cleaning? The phrase “spring cleaning” refers to the practice of deep cleaning a home when the weather is warming up in the spring season. This practice is more common in areas with distinct climates because families are ready to create a fresh living space after being cooped up inside all winter. But even if you live in Southern California, you can still count on spring cleaning hacks bringing you good vibrations!

The first step to getting started on these DIY spring cleaning projects is to put together a personalized spring cleaning checklist of things that you want to clean up and improve in your own home. This list can include everything from organizing the junk drawer to sweeping out the garage or refinishing the deck. Some people include only cleaning tasks on their list, while others prefer to make it an all-inclusive list with home improvement projects. The best part of this is that it’s totally up to you what you want to do in your space!

Why a Spring Clean Up? Mental Health Benefits

Why does it matter if you set aside time for a spring clean up day? There are undeniable benefits to living in a clean, fresh home.

Here are a few mental health benefits you will enjoy after seeing the results of your cleaning efforts:

Spring Cleaning For Stress Relief

Some don’t know that cleaning or lack of cleaning can affect your mental health. Think about it: When you walk in the door at the end of a long day at work, how does it feel to be greeted by a messy house? Your stress levels change depending on the organization and cleanliness of your living space. Setting even small tasks to accomplish and fully accomplishing them can ease anxiety and give you a feeling of having accomplished something. 

Spring Cleaning for Better Health

Spring cleaning tips to remove dust and allergens have an undeniable impact on your overall health. When the dust is pulled from the carpets and removed from the surfaces, it decreases the amount of dust in the air and in your home. It also removes the allergens that cause some of us to get sick. Getting rid of all those dust bunnies and allergens helps you breathe deeply, knowing that you are enjoying the fresh air and a healthier body.

Cleaning the House for Productivity Improvements

How often do you start on a home project, only to get distracted because you need to clean the area before you can focus on the project? It’s harder to concentrate when there are distractions from messes, clutter, dust, and dirt. On the other hand, maintaining a clean home frees up your mental bandwidth to focus on other activities throughout the day.

Improving Your Peace at Home

One common source of discontent in the home is when a partner is getting upset with the other person because of messes in the living space. Whether kids are leaving their dirty clothes on the floor or a spouse can’t seem to pick up their used dishes, it can trigger an argument. Getting in the habit of maintaining a clean living space together can create more peace at home between family members.

Top Spring Cleaning Hacks: Talk to the Cleaning Experts

It’s easy to see how spring cleaning tips can bring about excellent mental health benefits for the whole family. Once you’ve marked everything off your spring cleaning checklist, you can relax and enjoy the benefits of your newly cleaned home.

You can create a DIY spring cleaning list or contact an expert team for assistance. Make sure to clean every part of your home: from the tops of the ceiling fans down to the furniture upholstery and carpets.

Need Help with Your Spring Cleaning Checklist? Contact Zerorez® DC

At Zerorez® DC, we offer a range of services to improve your spring cleaning results. Whether you want to freshen the whole house with professional carpet cleaning services, or you need to remove sticky finger stains off the furniture, our pro team is here to help. Contact us for a free estimate and to learn more about our current Monthly Specials for both Commerical and Residential Cleaning Services. You can reach Zerorez® DC Metro at 703-382-1221 — or schedule an appointment online.

Connect with Zerorez® DC on Facebook for residential cleaning tips or LinkedIn for business and commercial accounts. You can also find spring cleaning tips on our blog, The Residue Chronicles!

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