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Must Do Jobs Before the End of 2021 So You Can Start Fresh in the New Year

As 2021 is coming to a close (can you believe it?), and we are getting ready to usher in the 2022 calendar year. Many families are feeling the cheer of a fun holiday season, as well as motivation for a fresh start in the New Year.

Are you the type of person who loves new beginnings? The New Year often sparks updated goals, new chapters, and a time to reevaluate your family and home priorities. So as you are thinking and preparing for 2022, don’t forget to add an essential item to your home to-do list –  deep cleaning your rugs, carpets, and upholstery – for a healthier 2022.

Mark your 2022 calendar! As you take down your Holiday or Christmas décor, consider these year-end things you can do around the house, so you are ready to enjoy a fresh start and clean home to ring in the New Year:

Furniture Arrangement for Open Floor Plan

Rearranging the furniture is a great way to make your living areas look new and different. If you are looking for solutions to reinvigorate your home, consider changing up the layouts for the furniture. Open floor plans offer so many opportunities to revamp your look. You can re-strategize with your current furniture or take advantage of the year-end furniture and accessory sales to find the optimal furniture arrangement for open floor plan.

One challenge with changing your furniture arrangement is what you might uncover on the carpet. Is your sofa hiding a stain you’ve been meaning to get rid of for ages? Does your carpet need a refresh? Don’t let stains or holiday wear and tear limit your furniture arrangement options! Bringing in a pro carpet cleaning team can eliminate the stain, so you have the freedom to move the furniture.

Check the Carpets in the Whole House after the Christmas Decorations Are Put Away

As you pack up the Christmas decorations from inside the house or the Christmas decor in the yard and carry them to their storage area, look down to see how the carpet is holding up. The stair carpets often look dirty and dingy before the rest of the house. You might need to schedule a time for cleaning the carpet on the stairs.

Also, look at other high-traffic areas in the house. When you move the furniture, you’ll probably notice dirty lines – trails where family members often walk from one room to the next. Calling your carpet cleaning DC professionals to work on getting carpet stains out (so you don’t have to learn how to clean a rug stain) will upgrade the overall appearance of the flooring.

Find and Eliminate Pet Stains: Clean Rug Dog Pee

Pet stains have to be treated properly; otherwise, your home will never feel or smell clean and fresh. Pet owners can be “nose blind” to the smell, which is why you must be proactive about learning how to clean a rug stain immediately or use a special enzyme product, like ZeroStink™,  to prevent lingering smells in the house.Remember: having a professional clean an area rug or specialty rug is cheaper than buying a new rug. One convenient solution to getting carpet stains out and minimizing disruption in your home is to use our new rug spa services. You can enjoy a clean rug at home without the cleaning team making noise while working inside. Instead, we collect rugs from your home, clean the rugs, and deliver them back to you.

Prep for the 2022 Calendar Year Your Year-end Checklist - Photo Upholstery

Find the Right Upholstery Cleaning Tool

As you bring in a professional carpet cleaning team, also ask about the cost for upholstery cleaning. Your furniture can show some wear and tear after bringing friends and family into the home for holiday celebrations, and it could be cheaper to do both at once (ask about Zerorez® carpet cleaning specials when booking the services).

For do-it-yourself jobs, a professional upholstery cleaning tool not only lifts the grime and dirt that builds up, but can also take away wine stains, food spills, and more. Check the upholstery cleaning tools that came with your home carpet cleaner or vacuum to be sure to use the right tool for the job.

Ready for the 2022 Calendar Year to Begin?

Are you expecting a lot of traffic from friends and family in your home over the next month as you celebrate the new year? As you are taking down Christmas décor in the yard and the house, notch up your efforts with deep cleaning as well.

Not only do you want to start the 2022 calendar on the right foot, but you also want to set a cleaning schedule for the rest of the year (think of it as a nontraditional New Year’s resolution). Getting on a consistent schedule for cleaning your carpets, upholstery, and area rugs is a great idea. Your home will be more comfortable, and these cleaning services protect your investments in carpets and area rugs.

Getting ahead of these jobs right now will help you feel great about your space. Then, when the deep cleaning is over, you can relax more and enjoy your home. Families often spend more time inside during the colder winter months, and you deserve a space that looks its best.

Getting Carpet Stains Out? Call Zerorez® DC for Pro Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services

Need help with your New Year deep cleaning? It’s time to call the carpet cleaning DC team at Zerorez® DC. Contact us to learn about available services, and don’t forget to ask about the Monthly Specials. These services are available for both Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services. Call Zerorez® DC Metro at 703-382-1221 — or schedule an appointment for carpet cleaning online. Take a moment to read our Zerorez® reviews, and you’ll see why our customers keep coming back over and over again.

Find Zerorez® DC on Facebook so you can access the newest Zerorez® carpet cleaning specials! We also share helpful tips on LinkedIn — and don’t forget to check out a variety of cleaning tips on our blog, The Residue Chronicles!Locally owned and operated Zerorez® DC and Fredericksburg“The Right Way To Clean” in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, Stafford County (including Tacketts Mill, Dodds Corner, and Chestnut Hill), Maryland (including Potomac, College Park, and Rockville) and the Northern Virginia Region (including Sterling, Alexandria, and Fairfax) since 2015.

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