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As we welcome a New Year, it’s time to reassess your health. The holiday season had delicious treats, late nights, parties, and other indulgences. Now, many families are feeling the motivation to reprioritize their habits and set the stage for a safe, clean, and healthy start for 2022. It’s a great reminder to write down a to-do list for your healthy home, including deep cleaning tasks such as floor polishing, wet carpet drying, surface disinfecting, carpet cleaning, and more.

What are your goals for 2022? Diet and exercise are common New Year’s goals, but they aren’t the only factors that contribute to overall health. The reality is that there are many things in your home that could be making it challenging to stay healthy through the cold and flu season. Protect your family’s health by cleaning up your living space, eliminating wet carpet mold, and disinfecting common areas.

How? Here are a couple tips to keep your home healthy this winter. Remember: A Clean Home is a Healthy Home™!

Keeping Germs Out of Your Home This Season

Did you know that indoor air is up to 5 times more polluted than outside air? The buildup of clutter and dust at home can contribute to allergy issues and other upper respiratory problems. The key is to stay consistent about keeping dust, pollen, and allergens out of your carpets and off other surfaces in your home.

Here are a few tips for maintaining a healthy, happy home this year:

Wash the Bedding: Cleaning and Disinfecting Regularly Is Key

Disinfect the washing machine by running a hot load with a cup of bleach (or other cleaning and disinfecting product). Then, wash all of the bedding and towels in the house using the highest temperature the fabric can stand. Hot water and laundry detergent is an effective combination to kill germs. Because allergens build up in our bedding, you should change and wash your bedding at least once a week, and refresh towels every few days.

Sanitize Common Areas: Bacterial Infections Can Be Prevented With Sanitation

Germs will be present anywhere your family is spending time. So spend time disinfecting surfaces that are commonly touched, including counters, tables, video game controllers, cell phones, and TV remotes. While you’re at it, don’t forget light switches and door handles (including the fridge and microwave). Think about the dirtiest spots in your home where cleaning and disinfecting is a must.

Vacuum Weekly to Cut Down on Dust

Don’t let dust and allergens settle into your carpets. Instead, be proactive about vacuuming at least once a week – or more often if you have kids and/or pets in the house. Regular vacuuming helps pull up any compounds that could be harming your health – and extends the life of your carpets and area rugs. Vacuuming is also your first line of defense as a carpet odor remover.

ZeroRez’s Top 5 Tips for Wet Carpet Cleanings

When the snow is coming down, then it’s common for water and mud to get tracked into your home. Wet carpet cleaning is a crucial step to protect your health and wellness. Since there is a lot of traffic in and out of your home during the snowy season and throughout the year, you need a good strategy for keeping your floors clean. Wet carpet drying is essential to prevent wet carpet mold. How wet should carpet be after cleaning?  Carpets shouldn’t feel more than slightly damp after you’ve cleaned them. 

Not only is carpet cleaning necessary in the main, high-traffic areas of your home, but also watch for wet carpet in the basement – especially when the snow is melting. Look for visible signs of dirt and pay attention to the wet carpet smell. 

If you’re looking at more than just snow, mud or rain getting tracked in (like a burst or leaking pipe, foundation issues or flooding), you’re probably asking how to dry a soaking wet carpet? Here are a few tips to help:

  • Stop the water source, such as turning off the water if there is a leaking pipe
  • Soak up as much water as possible
  • Target fans at the affected area to dry the carpets faster
  • Steam clean and disinfect the flooring, getting up as much water as you can
  • Analyze whether you should replace the carpet all together after cleaning and disinfecting

Towels can pick up a bit of the water, but you’ll be left with a wet carpet smell after cleaning if you don’t eliminate the moisture in the padding. Unfortunately, most families don’t have the right equipment to clean up wet carpet after heavy rain, such as a wet carpet cleaning vacuum or professional carpet cleaning equipment.

Can soaking wet carpet padding be saved? Yes! The secret is to call a professional carpet cleaning team as soon as possible. The professional team will have the right kind of equipment to pull the water out of the padding or can help you evaluate whether you need to replace the carpet altogether.

Trust the Power of Zerorez for Wet Carpet Cleaning

What’s on your floor? Trust the power of Zerorez clean: up to 99.3% of soil and contaminants removed. Contact us to ask about our current monthly Zerorez® carpet cleaning specials for both Residential and Commercial Carpet Services. Does Zerorez® really work? Check out our Zerorez® reviews to hear how our customers agree the answer is YES! You can reach Zerorez® DC Metro at 703-382-1221 — or book a carpet cleaning appointment online.

Don’t forget to connect with Zerorez® DC on Facebook or find us on LinkedIn for business and commercial accounts. We also offer home and carpet cleaning tips on our blog, The Residue Chronicles!

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