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Are you preparing your home to host family and friends during the holiday season? When your loved ones walk through the front door, you want them to be greeted by welcoming smells, a cozy environment, and plenty of holiday cheer. But are you ready?

The small details make a big difference in the overall feel of your home: holiday décor, soft music in the background, and the scent of tasty treats baking in the oven. A clean, fresh home is the perfect space to create new holiday memories with your guests. Watch out for pet odors and stains that can set the wrong impression and put a damper on the holiday spirit. Instead of trying to find new uses for essential oils to mask pet odor, read on for tips to get to the heart of the smell. 

Don’t Cover it Up: How to Remove Odors from Carpet

It’s enjoyable to have furry members of the family in your home. But they can leave behind stains and smells that are difficult to manage. So instead of using a carpet odor remover, many homeowners try to cover up the scent with candles, wall plug-ins, potpourri or essential oils. 

Also, masking the foul odor with something that smells nice might work initially. But no matter what you are doing to hide the odor, the foul scent worsens with time. This is because pet urine leaves bacteria behind that seep through all layers of the carpet. As these odor-causing organisms set in, it becomes more challenging to keep your home smelling nice.

The biggest problem is when homeowners become “nose blind” to pet odors. You might not be aware of the scent because you are around it all day. But as you greet guests, they may smell an odor they won’t forget. You can’t cover up the stink and stains – instead, it becomes a mix of smells: air fresheners and pet urine.

Getting to the root cause of pet odor is the only way to eliminate the odors for good. Instead of getting a degree in the uses for essential oils, the best solution is to use a carpet pet odor remover to kill the bacteria and sanitize the area.

Carpet Spots: Stains and Pet Odor Remover for Carpet

When you are researching how to get odor out of carpet, make sure the cleaning products you choose have bacteria-fighting ingredients. You might be surprised to learn that some traditional carpet cleaning solutions smell nice because of perfumes and essential oils – but they may just mask the smells and leave the odor-causing bacteria behind.You need a carpet odor eliminator that gets rid of the smells for good. Plus, find a carpet pet odor remover – like ZeroStink™ – that has an enzyme that eats away at that bacteria and also washes away the visible dirt and grime, helping to reduce the risk of a permanent carpet stain in the future.

Pet Stains and Odors on Upholstery and Furniture

Not only do you need to learn how to get rid of carpet odor from pets, but you should also consider the smell on the furniture. While working on the carpet stains, look around to find furniture and identify the upholstery that also needs cleaning. Choose a carpet odor eliminator that is multi-purpose, which means you can also use the cleaning solutions on upholstery.

You don’t want to leave discoloration or a preventable stain behind with carpet odor remover products. So, test the cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area first. Also, reach out to a professional carpet cleaning team if you need advice when choosing the right pet odor and stain products for your furniture.

Cleaning the furniture is an essential step so you can snuggle up on the couch with throw pillows and a blanket to enjoy an episode of your favorite show at night.

Cover Up Pet Spots with Furniture Arrangement in Different Rooms

If you are proactive in learning how to get odor out of carpet, but there’s still a visible stain, then a new furniture arrangement might be a solution to avoid replacing the carpet in the entire room. Furniture arrangement in residential spaces is a great way to make your home as pleasant as possible.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as moving the couch a little to cover up a pet stain. Or, consider adding an area rug over the areas where the carpet has the most stains. Choose an evergreen rug design that you can use throughout the year. Or, add a little holiday décor with a seasonal rug or Christmas tree skirt.

Winter is a Great Time to Use a Carpet Odor Remover

Winter is coming, which means that many families are starting to spend more time indoors. Give yourself a comfortable, clean space to live and peace of mind by eliminating pet odors in every room of the house. Not addressing these spots can impact your mental wellbeing and affect your enjoyment this holiday season.

Learn how to get rid of carpet odors – don’t mask them. A cozy pumpkin spice candle is a nice touch if you only want to hide an odor in your home temporarily. And if you need help getting rid of the unwelcoming smells in your carpet, you can always call Zerorez® DC

Need Help with Carpet Odor Remover? Contact Zerorez® DC for Professional Carpet and Stain Removal Services

If you are searching for solutions to learn how to get rid of carpet odors, one of the simplest answers is to consult with our carpet cleaning DC team at Zerorez® DC. We offer full-service packages, including excellent results for carpet odor eliminator and pet stain remover. Contact us to learn about available residential services in our Monthly Specials. Call Zerorez® DC Metro at 703-382-1221 — or schedule an appointment online for carpet cleaning services. Read our Zerorez® reviews to see why we are a preferred provider in the area!

You’re invited to connect with Zerorez® DC on Facebook or find us on LinkedIn if you need commercial cleaning services. We share monthly discounts and specials on social media, as well as cleaning tips on our blog: The Residue Chronicles!At Zerorez® DC and Fredericksburg, we are proud to be locally owned and operated. You deserve these services for “The Right Way To Clean” in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, Stafford County (including Tacketts Mill, Garrisonville, and White Oak), Maryland (including Gaithersburg, Washington Grove, and Bethesda), and the Northern Virginia Region (including Fairfax, Annandale, and Vienna) since 2015.

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