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How to Remove Odors from Carpet, Ridding Your Home of the Summer Stinks

When the weather warms up and we get into the heat of summer, anything that might make a house stink seems to get exponentially worse. That’s because heat allows the things that stink, like bacteria, mold and mildew, to grow. Ever gone away on vacation and forgotten to take out the trash after grilling some steaks? Or caught Spot the cat peeing on the rug in front of the door and figured you’d take care of it when you got back, only to come back and regret that decision? Or that slow drip under your bathroom faucet that you don’t know about, till one day in the heat of summer, the smell of mildew has permeated every soft thing in your bathroom? All the smells that collect in the air in your house, settle into the soft surfaces in your home, leaving you with a stinky carpet. It’s the Summer Stinks. We’ve got the solution to your problem. Introducing ZeroStink™ – your answer to how to remove odors from carpet.

What ZeroStink™ is made of? 

ZeroStink™ is a completely non-toxic, eco-friendly solution. Because it is chemical-free, ZeroStink™ is safe to use around children and pets, and safe for the environment. You don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals when you clean rugs at home with ZeroStink™!  

How does ZeroStink™ work? 

The ZeroStink™ system is Zerorez®’s proprietary answer to how to clean a smelly rug. Zerorez® takes a scientific approach to how to remove odors from carpet. This plant-derived, bacteria-based formula produces enzymes that break down and destroy the compounds that cause odors. ZeroStink™ traps the polymers and neutralizes the odor-causing bacteria of any kind of organic material, including urine, feces, vomit, drool, and blood. Once neutralized, the bacteria in urine that signals to an animal that a location they have peed in is ok for future use is no longer present. Your pet may have behavioral reasons for returning to that spot, but the chemical reasons have been eliminated. Zerorez®’s cleaning systems contain no toxins. And unlike most over the counter carpet odor eliminators, which do contain chemicals, ZeroStink™ doesn’t try to mask odors with heavy perfumes.  When you apply the right science, you don’t need chemicals or perfumes to cover up odors.

How do you use ZeroStink™? 

Step 1: How to clean a rug stain that’s causing odors, using ZeroStink™ 

Remember, do not use soap and water! Soap may deactivate the enzymes in the spot that ZeroStink™ needs to neutralize the bacteria and get rid of the smell. Especially when you’re trying to clean a rug of dog pee, before you apply ZeroStink™, blot the spot (don’t rub it!) to get as much of the liquid up as you can using a dry light-colored towel. You’ll see the discoloration of the liquid on a  light-colored towel, until you’ve gotten as much of it up as you can.

Step 2: How to clean a rug with dog urine or any other organic material soaked in

Saturate the area with ZeroStink™; the dirtier the area is, the more you should use. The longer you let it soak into the organic material, the better the enzymes work. Let the spot dry. As it dries, it may cause a yellow or crusty spot on the carpet–don’t panic! It means ZeroStink™ is working! The polymers may be wicking up the bacteria. 

Step 3: How to cure your stinky carpet  

Thoroughly vacuuming the spot with your regular vacuum should get rid of the spot and solve your stinky carpet problem without using harsh chemicals that could damage your carpet, and be harmful to children and pets, and without filling your house with stinky, heavy perfumes.

If the spot isn’t gone, repeat step 2 and vacuum again. If there’s still a yellow stain, it may be permanent. In that case, give Zerorez® a call for a professional stain removal evaluation.

Need More Information? 

Have you read all this and asked yourself, “Does Zerorez® really work? Is ZeroStink™ really the best carpet odor eliminator?” Check out our Zerorez® reviews and you’ll find the answer is a resounding yes!

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