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Finding the perfect rug adds the finishing touch to your living room: a pop of color, a bit of texture, and ultimate comfort. The rug looks great until wear and tear start to affect its appearance.

Like carpet and other types of flooring, rugs are prone to stains and grime from foot traffic and spills. If you don’t learn how to clean rug stains, then the rugs start to look bad. Instead of replacing your rugs every year, maintain a consistent schedule to keep your rugs looking as good as new.

Before you throw away your old rugs, consider simple strategies for a clean rug at home. The following tips are good for most types of carpets and rugs, including synthetic fibers, short-pile rugs, shag carpets, and more. A word of caution: we don’t recommend using DIY tricks on fine rugs like silk or fine wool rugs. Those take specialized care and should be cleaned professionally.

For synthetic rugs, however, we’ve got you covered on how to clean rug stains in your home. 

Tip #1: First – Always Check for Color Fastness

If you are going to apply a cleaning solution on the rug, always test a small corner of the rug to see how the product will affect the fiber colors. You never know if new cleaners will strip out the colors. A small test section can save your rug from preventable damage.

Also, follow the instructions on the bottle. It’s a mistake to think that the rug will look better if you use more of a product. Using too much cleaning solution can cause irreparable damage to the rug.

Tip #2: Act Fast for Pet Messes

One of the best ways to prevent a spill from turning into a stain is to take fast action: clean up the mess when it happens. The longer a spill sits in the carpet fibers, the more likely it will cause a permanent stain.

For example, one of the biggest enemies of a clean rug – dog pee – leaves particles behind that cause permanent carpet pet stains. If you see your dog or cat pee on the carpet, drop everything and get to work cleaning up the mess right away.

Use pet-specific spot treatment products – like Zero Stink – to immediately treat the spot. These cleaning solutions include ingredients that break down the proteins and prevent permanent stains. Immediate action allows you to enjoy a clean rug, dog pee aside. Plus, you don’t have to worry about lingering odors.

You can read more about pet stain tricks and tips in our May 2021 blog on carpet pet stains!

Tip #3: Clean Rug / Baking Soda Trick

Have you heard about cleaning stains in carpet with baking soda to pull odors and stains out of the carpet? Online tutorials suggest sprinkling baking soda on the rug, letting it sit, and then vacuuming up the residue.

The truth is that this clean rug baking soda hack could cause more harm than good if you don’t do it correctly. Some household vacuums aren’t strong enough to remove the baking soda particles from the rug fibers. As a result, you are adding more buildup that won’t come out without professional services.

If you’re worried about using baking soda to clean your rugs, we’re always available to help get those tough stains out.

Tip #4: Getting Rid of Grease, Tar or Petroleum Stains 

You might not think there’s a carpet stains home remedy for grease, tar or petroleum stains – but there is. For these types of stains, try using 1 part Dawn dish soap + 3 parts hot water. Though we don’t usually recommend using soaps on carpets, we do know the difference between a spot and a stain can be the timing of treating the stain. Getting to a stain quickly can make a difference in the longevity of your carpet or rug.

As with other home remedies, we recommend blotting with a clean, white towel, dipping into the solution and blotting the stain, alternating with a clean, dry, white towel to keep the stain from spreading. You may not get the entire stain up, but start with this to keep the stain from setting permanently. And then book a service call with us to come help you save your rug.

Tip #5: Prevention is Key

While it’s helpful to know how to clean rug stains, the most effective way to maintain a nice rug is to focus on prevention. Did you know that you can remove most of the dirt that damages your rug with regular vacuum cleaning?

Invest in a good vacuum and use it regularly. In addition to removing rug-damaging grime, regular cleanings also help reduce allergies and minimize the risk of staining. Vacuuming, paired with knowledge about how to clean rug stains, is an effective way to keep your rug looking great throughout the year.

How Often Should I Clean My Rugs?

The biggest problem with rug upkeep is that homeowners procrastinate cleaning. When you don’t clean frequently enough, it’s no surprise that the rug looks dirty and stained.

Instead of waiting to clean when the rug looks bad, mark your calendar and maintain a consistent schedule. How often should I clean my rugs? We recommend vacuuming weekly, and when you want a clean rug at home, invest in professional cleaning every year or two as a good rule of thumb.

A specific cleaning schedule depends on the type of rug you have and the amount of traffic in the room. These factors increase the need for more frequent rug cleanings:

  • Rug is in a high traffic area
  • Pets in the home
  • Kids running around
  • Regularly used dining areas

Clean Rug at Home: Why Use a Professional Rug Cleaning Services?

A DIY approach might seem like a great way to save money – and they can be helpful when you need a quick fix. But don’t underestimate the benefits you receive from professional rug cleaning services.

A pro team brings in the equipment to pull out the dirt stuck deep within the fibers of the carpets. These high-powered machines are much more effective than a standard household vacuum or non-professional carpet cleaning machine.

Additionally, professional equipment removes cleaning products to pull out any residual soap. This thorough approach reduces the risk of grime buildup and staining in the future. Zerorez® avoids residual soap building by skipping the soap altogether and using only Zr Water® to clean your rugs. 

Contact Zerorez® DC for Pro Rug Cleaning Services

One of the simplest ways to enjoy a clean rug at home is by consulting with a pro carpet cleaning provider: Zerorez® DC.

Every month, Zerorez® DC offers limited-time specials on carpet cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and furniture upholstery cleaning services. Keep an eye on our Facebook feed for the latest deals. 

Go with Zerorez® DC for “The Right Way To Clean.” Please contact us at our office via phone number 703-382-1221 or send us a message online. Or, you can book your next carpet cleaning appointment online.

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