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Floors. Whether they’re covered in carpet, rugs, hardwood, or tile, most of the time you never think about them.

But those floors are always there, always getting walked over and spilled on – sometimes played on – and always getting dirtier and dirtier.

So the task that you, as a responsible homeowner, are faced with is this: How do I clean the carpets, rugs, all the flooring and floor coverings in my home so I get the best cleaning results in the most cost-effective way?

Two choices immediately present themselves to most Washington, DC and Northern Virginia homeowners:

Go big or go local?

The Choice: Lowes vs. Home Depot vs. Trusted Local Cleaners

There’s Option No. 1:

Do I go with a small local professional carpet cleaning company like Zerorez® DC, one that offers in-home carpet cleaning services near me and 30-day customer satisfaction guarantees?

In this option, you call the local phone number of a 5-Star carpet cleaning company like Zerorez® DC, you get a free quote and make an appointment, and soon your home is cleaner, smells better and makes your family enjoy it even more!

And then there’s Option No. 2:

Do I rent a carload of complicated carpet cleaning equipment from one of those big box DIY chain stores (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.) and try to clean all those carpets and rugs myself?

In this option, you venture into the massive store, track down an attendant, and hope you’re renting the right equipment – and for long enough. Then you lug it back home and plug it in, hoping that neither it nor you make an error that harms your precious carpets and rugs.

Have you ever done a chemical-free carpet cleaning before? Do you know how often to deep clean carpets? Do you know how to wash a rug, or how to clean an area rug?

To get the same results from the DIY carpet cleaning rentals available at big box stores, you’d have to be a trained, experienced professional carpet cleaner yourself!

The thing about opening a big box? You don’t always know what you’ll find inside – and you might not like it.

Advantages Of Hiring Trusted Local Cleaners

Give yourself peace-of-mind. For the best-looking floors at affordable rates, hire the local 5-Star pros of Zerorez® DC.

Going local is just better, because:

  • Customers get to know Zerorez® DC technicians by name
  • We find out how the party went, what happened over the holidays, how well the new puppy’s housebreaking training is going (or not going)
  • We’re a local carpet cleaning business offering a 30-day Gotta Love It guarantee
  • We offer the economic value and responsive customer service you’d expect from a true local hometown business 
  • We use advanced carpet cleaning technology exclusive only to Zerorez®, such as our high-pressure Powered Water™ spray and our patented Dirt Extraction Wand

Have you ever been faced with a choice between hiring local professionals or going to a big box store for carpet cleaning? Connect with Zerorez® DC on Facebook and tell us what happened!

Support Local Carpet Cleaning Businesses, Not Big Clean

So, is it really worth it to truck it over to Lowes or Home Depot and try to make use of their do-it-yourself carpet cleaning services?

Or, is it smarter to hire an established, experienced local company that features cutting-edge Powered Water™ carpet cleaning technology and a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee – plus you’re on a first-name basis with the owner?

Go local for your professional carpet cleaning services in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. Asking the question, “Who’s the best among all the small hometown carpet cleaning companies near me?” really is the smart option for homeowners to take.

The Best Carpet Cleaning DC, Fairfax, Leesburg and Loudoun Can Get

Around the Washington, DC Metro area and across the Northern Virginia region, professional carpet and rug cleaning is an essential service – and Zerorez® DC is here to deliver.

Zerorez® DC has earned a reputation among residential and commercial customers as effective, efficient planners of our cleaning and restoration services – whether it’s Oriental rug cleaning, or hardwood floor polishing.

As a small, CRI Platinum-certified business, we’ve cultivated a positive work environment of highly-trained carpet cleaning technicians. In the culture of Zerorez® DC, we know our stuff and care about our customers.

As a result, we consistently get the job done right… and done in a timely manner. You can’t say the same about the carpet cleaning services you’d get from a big box.

Contact Zerorez® DC for Your Quote and Appointment!

There’s one more reason to consider hiring trusted local cleaners instead of going the big-box route: Special deals and service discounts.

Every month, Zerorez® DC offers limited-time specials on carpet cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and furniture upholstery cleaning services. Keep an eye on our Facebook feed for the latest deals. 

Go with Zerorez® DC for “The Right Way To Clean.” Please contact us at our office via phone number 703-382-1221 or send us a message online. Or, you can book your next carpet cleaning appointment online.

Locally owned and operated Zerorez® DC and Fredericksburg“The Right Way To Clean” in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, Maryland (including Frederick County, Montgomery County and Prince George’s County), Northern Virginia (including Fairfax County, Loudoun County, and Prince William County), as well as the Fredericksburg, Virginia region (Stafford County) since 2015.

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