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When Loving Fluffy Is Not Enough to Live with the Smell

Bringing a furry family member into the house creates an abundance of joy and pleasure. It feels good to be greeted by a happy, loyal dog from the moment you walk through the door (or, in the case of cats, ignored regally while somehow still letting you know food is expected in t-minus 30 seconds… or less). But there are practical details to consider when you are considering a furry addition, such as food, walks, and – for most of us – how to get rid of carpet odor from pets.

Even though you love your furry friend, you probably find it inconvenient to deal with the messes. At some point, it’s necessary to implement a proactive schedule for deep cleaning a house – like a deep cleaning checklist – to stay in front of cleaning and disinfecting your household. Both small and large animals leave messes behind, including hair on the furniture, urine on the rugs, muddy paw prints, to name a few.

As you create your deep cleaning list, it’s wise to consider the specific types of messes that your animal usually leaves behind. When you are consistent with using a deep cleaning service or setting a cleaning and disinfecting schedule, it reduces the grime and hair that builds up over time. Here are a few things to consider so you can stay ahead of the pet messes and enjoy a clean home at all times:

The Difference Between Deep Cleaning vs. Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is necessary to clear away messes that accumulate each day, such as pet hair around the house and mud that is tracked in. But there are a few differences you need to understand about deep cleaning versus regular cleaning. Deep cleaning focuses more on cleaning and disinfecting than it is about maintenance. For example, regular cleaning is a quick way to freshen your living space, while deep cleaning is a way to go deeper, like removing the buildup on your home’s flooring, tackling upholstery stains, and carpet cleaning pet stains and odor.

The best approach is to have a regular cleaning schedule for surface-level maintenance, like vacuuming under the couch and in corners. Then set aside a time and create your own list for deep cleaning a house, like deep cleaning carpets or area rugs, to get rid of the bigger messes that accumulate with time. One option is to look for a “deep cleaning service near me,” so you don’t have to spend your free hours on the evenings and weekends working on deep cleaning tasks. Alternately, you can create your own deep cleaning checklist to guide your efforts. When you’ve got a set schedule, you won’t have to worry about things like how often should I clean my rugs or is it time to find a pet odor remover for my carpet?

Deep Cleaning Checklist for Pet Owners

  • Get the Urine Out

Regular cleaning means identifying an immediate treatment to get urine out of the carpets and flooring, so that when it comes time to deep clean, the stains (and the smell) are less difficult to handle. You’ve heard it from us before, but getting to those spots quickly is very important for the longevity of your carpets and upholstery and saves you having to investigating how to get rid of carpet odor from pets in the long run. 

Even well-trained dogs and cats have accidents sometimes, leaving behind messes that make the house smell. A good pet odor remover for carpet is essential in every home. Even if there is no visible sign remaining from the stain, you should still be proactive about learning how to get rid of carpet odors from pets to prevent smells in the future. And if you’ve not figured out how to clean a couch with cat pee this, too, is an important thing to know in the moment so that small messes don’t become long-term problems.

One of the most important tasks to add to your deep cleaning checklist when deep cleaning a house is deep cleaning a sofa and carpet cleaning. Not only do you need to know the best methods for deep cleaning a sofa or deep cleaning laminate floors (depending on where the mess happened) when your pets have accidents , but it’s just as important to have a carpet odor eliminator with enzymes on hand (like ZeroStink™). These products break down the odor-causing proteins that can be left behind after you are done cleaning.

  • Clean Up the Hair

One slight drawback to having a dog or cat in the house is finding hair all over the furniture. Some of us also often find hair on our clothing, even when we are away from home. Regular cleaning and disinfecting should include hair removal techniques, such as vacuuming and dusting surfaces where the hair can start to collect. Consider investing in a small handheld vacuum to freshen chairs and couches quickly. 

A deep cleaning service means cleaning out the spaces you might not ordinarily clean – like under the couch cushions. This is a great time to pull furniture away from the walls and really get into corners to get those stray fur balls. It’s also time to clean out things like your vents, tops of tall furniture and ceiling fans (yeah, fur gets up there, too). And don’t forget adding cleaning your bathroom vent fan to your deep cleaning checklist!

Bonus regular cleaning tip: it’s also helpful to have lint rollers on hand to pick up the remaining hairs on your clothing before leaving the house.

  • Clean Muddy Paw Prints and More

In regular cleaning, spot treatments are necessary when you notice muddy paw prints getting tracked into the house. Learn how to get rid of carpet stains when they happen, so you don’t see these prints left behind. If it is raining or snowing outside, then a quick carpet stains home remedy can clean up the dirt that was tracked in the house.

Deep cleaning means heavier disinfection services and carpet odor remover help to remove the hidden particles below the surface of the carpet. For area rugs, consider having them professionally cleaned to remove the things normal vacuuminig doesn’t. As you pull up the area rugs, don’t forget cleaning and disinfecting the floors underneath and checking for potential damage from pet urine. Finally, don’t forget about preventive carpet treatments for ticks and fleas that dogs can track inside.

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