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Now that the holiday season is over, it’s the perfect time to start fresh with a clean home. We’re all looking ahead to new beginnings in 2022. A clean home sets the stage for a great year.

During this post-holiday period, you might set goals to improve your home, set up a new workout area, or refresh your commitment to healthy eating. Regardless of your focus this year, a clean home is a great place to start – the quality of your living space plays a role in how you are feeling throughout the day. Start the year off right by creating a regular home maintenance checklist to help lengthen the life of your carpets, flooring and furniture — and save you money in the long run.

Starting from the Ground Up: Do You Have Dirty, Old, or Stained Carpets?

As you evaluate your home this year, what are the most critical tasks to help you feel more comfortable and happier in your living space? What are the things that make a difference to both your mental and your physical state of being? Start by going through your house and adding things to your regular home maintenance checklist as you go. You might think about setting goals for each month, quarterly and even annually as you’re making your list. It’s important as you make the list to stick to things you know you’ll actually be able to sustain.

Are your carpets starting to look dingy and stained, making you want to rip them out and install new flooring? Before you tap into your savings account to pay for expensive replacement carpets, talk to a carpet cleaning expert to learn about your options for extending the life of your current flooring. You might be surprised with what a professional carpet cleaning can do to extend the life of your carpets and area rugs (and don’t forget the specialty rugs).

The truth is that a regular home maintenance checklist can save you both time and money. Whether you have a new home maintenance checklist or are creating a maintenance checklist to preserve an older home, the weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance tasks reduce the need to spend a lot of money on extensive renovation projects.

What Is a Maintenance Checklist?

A maintenance checklist is a list of tasks you create to maintain your home and your belongings, keeping them in working order or maintaining their appearance so you don’t feel the need to replace them. Life gets busy – which is why it makes sense that important home maintenance tasks fall low on the priority list. When you are trying to keep up with a career, school, kids, family, meal planning, self-care, and a full calendar, you probably aren’t thinking about certain household tasks. That’s the value of creating a home maintenance schedule checklist and sticking to it!

A home maintenance schedule checklist helps you stay on track throughout the year. The goal is to organize your systems to stay ahead of essential cleaning and repair tasks, which enables you to avoid having to move to a home repair checklist template in the future. Instead of waiting until your home falls into disrepair, you can be proactive with current maintenance tasks to avoid the need to spend money on significant repairs – such as new carpet or repainting.

Carpet cleaning is the perfect example that shows the importance of your home maintenance schedule checklist. The family will inevitably track in dirt and spill on the carpets. But this daily wear and tear doesn’t mean that you have to spend money on new carpets. Instead, following a regular carpet cleaning schedule is an effective way to pull up the stains and keep your carpets looking good – for years!

How a General Home Maintenance Checklist Saves You Money and Reduces Stress

Regular vacuuming, carpet cleaning, roof inspection, upholstery cleaning, area rug stain treatments, window cleaning, curtain and drape cleaning,  HVAC filter changes, tile and grout cleaning, and wood floor and furniture polishing are all examples of tasks you might want to add to your regular home maintenance checklist.

Dirt not only looks terrible, but you might be surprised to learn how much it speeds up the wear and tear on your home, creating damage you might not see until it’s too late. Look at dirt through a microscope, and you’ll see that it has jagged, sharp, abrasive edges. Pull these particles out of the carpets and floors with professional cleaning services, and it will actually extend the life of your carpet!

Even though you spend money on regular carpet cleaning services, this proactive approach will save you money in the long run.

So, make sure that carpet cleaning is on your new home maintenance checklist. If you need help setting up an annual schedule, search online for “what is a maintenance checklist,” and you will find a variety of templates to use: fall home maintenance checklist pdf, exterior home maintenance checklist, and more. If you’re considering renovations, you can also find a home repair checklist template and a home improvement checklist template, too. 

These guides can be helpful, so you include the essential items on your regular maintenance schedule.

Need a Regular Home Maintenance Checklist? Zerorez® DC Can Help with Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services

When designing the ideal general home maintenance checklist, don’t forget to talk to the team at Zerorez® DC about carpet cleaning in DC and the DC Metro Region. Contact us for Monthly Specials, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and more. Call Zerorez® DC Metro at 703-382-1221 — or schedule an appointment on our website.

Does Zerorez® really work? Check out our Zerorez® reviews and you’ll find the answer is a resounding yes! You can connect with the Zerorez® DC Facebook page for more information and to see our latest Zerorez® carpet cleaning specials. Or, if you are a business owner, check us out on LinkedIn. Our blog, The Residue Chronicles, is a great place to find cleaning tips and more.

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