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It’s really easy to ruin the upholstery of your furniture. Really easy.

In fact, the job of treating dirty, stained upholstery can be difficult – so difficult, it may be hard to avoid shrinking fabric, discoloring dyes, or leaving unsightly water ring stains.

That’s why your best bet is to call the pros with the knowledge and technology to leave no stain behind: Zerorez®, the premier stain removal service and upholstery cleaning company in DC and NoVA.

The Varieties of Upholstery – in Our Experience

Did you know that different types of upholstery require different kinds of cleaners?

It’s true! Check the tag on a couch or loveseat. It’ll usually have a label with a letter code: W, S, WS, or X.

  • Code W means to clean that particular upholstery, you can use a little water on it – but too much water could ruin it.
  • Code S means a specialized solvent-based Type S upholstery cleaner is required for this particular piece of furniture. Anything else, including water, could ruin it.
  • If it says WS, it means either water or a solvent could be used, but it depends on what caused the stain and the depth of the stain. One method might be preferable to the other, and it takes a pro to know.
  • X marks upholstery that cannot be cleaned by anything a non-professional upholsterer would have. To clean Code X upholstery requires extreme delicacy, and agents like foam, solvents, or even water could permanently damage cushions, fabrics, dyes, and the upholstered backing.

As you can see, whatever the letter on your upholstery label, hiring an upholstery cleaning service is the safe choice.

Good Rule to Clean By: When You Clean the Floors, Clean the Furniture!

Did you know your upholstery collects just as much pollen, dust and dirt as your carpet?

Did you also know that your upholstery also collects more dandruff, hair and fur than your carpet?

Upholstery gets just as dirty as carpets, but even more oily. The combination is an embedded grime that’s hard to remove by vacuuming or water.

Professional upholstery cleaning is a smart investment. Having the upholstery of your furniture professionally cleaned regularly makes it look better, hold fewer harmful allergens, and last much longer.

Everything a Homeowner Needs to Know about Hiring an Upholstery Cleaning Service

Frequently, it’s a priceless family heirloom, a classic piece of furniture handed down through generations, and it simply cannot get damaged any longer by the ravages of time.

Or, it’s a sudden stain on a favorite sofa – wine, or hot cocoa, or Rover had an accident – and it needs to come out like it never happened.

Sometimes it’s a workhorse of a chair, maybe the one Dad has sat in for 30 years and needs some sprucing up (the chair, not Dad)… or maybe you have some bar stools that would smell better if they held less smoke.

In all cases, you need a qualified, trusted upholstery cleaning service near you – and you need them soon.

How do you know which upholstery cleaning company to hire?

Upholstery cleaning can be a very delicate job. That’s why you’ve decided to go with local pros. But it pays to dive a little deeper into your choices among upholstery cleaning companies in Washington, DC and Northern Virginia – because it’s not the sort of service you can trust to just any cleaning company.

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HED: Top Three Questions to Ask Potential Upholstery Cleaning Companies

What is a good upholstery cleaner? Ask these questions when researching the best upholstery cleaning service near you:

Question 1. Does the upholstery cleaning company use only green, chemical-free, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions – that are still highly effective?

The idea behind cleaning upholstery isn’t to cover up stains and odors – it’s to kill the bacteria and microbes that cause offensive smells, and to destroy breeding grounds where allergens and pathogens could collect and cause allergies and illness.

Among our proprietary upholstery cleaning materials is a non-toxic solution called Zr Water® that doesn’t just cover up, it destroys.

It doesn’t use soaps, shampoos, or detergents that leave a sticky oasis for bacteria, mold, and other residue. Instead, Zerorez® uses a gentle low-pressure spray of oxidized water to loosen and emulsify all embedded substances, clean the fabric, and prevent permanent soiling of the upholstery.

Spots won’t return and the furniture is beautifully restored – with just water, no toxins or residual chemicals.

Question 2. Does the upholstery cleaning company train all its technicians to understand the intricacies of upholstery cleaning?

As we’ve seen, not all upholstery is the same. In fact, pieces of furniture are somewhat like fingerprints – you rarely find two exactly alike.

Before any cleaning is attempted, the upholstery cleaning company you hire should ask the right questions in order to select the right product that will remove the upholstery’s stains.

  • What caused the stain?
  • How long has the stain been there?
  • What type of fabric is the upholstery?
  • Where on the furniture is the stain?
  • What is the expected outcome of the upholstery treatment?

Make sure your upholstery cleaner does their homework before treating your valuable furniture.

Question 3. Does the upholstery cleaning company own a track record of customer satisfaction and guarantee its work?

There’s no substitute for experience. There’s also no substitute for superior industry knowledge and the most advanced upholstery cleaning technology.

Experience, knowledge, the latest technology – Zerorez® DC has all that.

5-Star Reviews and a Guarantee of Satisfaction

Since Zerorez® DC was founded in 2015, we’ve proven throughout Northern Virginia and the Washington, DC metro region that Zerorez® is the reliable choice for upholstery cleaning, furniture cleaning, drapery cleaning, mattress cleaning, leather cleaning, carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, stain removal, and pet odor treatment.

Patented products, exclusive technology, and thousands of happy customers have made Zerorez® DC the go-to cleaning company for upholstery items of all sorts: couches, sofas, easy chairs, love seats and more.

Please check out all our 5-star reviews for Zerorez® DC’s upholstery cleaning Washington, DC and Northern Virginia customers have written on Yelp and Listen360.

What’s been the toughest stain challenge you’ve ever seen in upholstery? Tell us about it when you connect with Zerorez® DC on Facebook.

Contact us at 703-382-1221 for your free quote and to make an appointment for our specialized upholstery cleaning service, and ask about Zerorez® DC’s exclusive 30-Day “Gotta Love It!” Satisfaction Guarantee!

Go with Zerorez® for all your upholstery cleaning needs, because A Clean Home Is A Healthy Home.™

Locally owned and operated Zerorez® DC and Fredericksburg “The Right Way To Clean” in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, Maryland (including Rockville, Silver Spring and College Park), and the Northern Virginia Region (including Sterling, Reston, Broadlands, Lowes Island, Chantilly, Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church and Rosslyn) since 2015.

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