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How Your Vacuum’s Upholstery Cleaning Tool Can Make Your Home – and the Holidays – Merrier

As the holidays are drawing nearer, many families are preparing for fun traditions, house guests, and annual celebrations. Even though the holiday season is an enjoyable time of year, it can also be stressful if you are hosting friends and family in your home.

How do you make it less stressful? Start working on your home maintenance tasks right now instead of feeling overwhelmed by a never-ending to-do list a few days before the event. Getting ahead of the deep cleaning ahead of time allows you to relax a little more during the busiest weeks of the holiday season.

Here are a few essential home maintenance tips to get you ready for a fun season of joy with your family:

Tip #1: Declutter Your Home

Before you start pulling out the deep cleaning tools (like that upholstery cleaning tool that came with your vacuum), open up your space by starting with decluttering. Sort through unused items, cluttered closets, and the junk drawers that you’ve been ignoring through the year.

Eliminate unnecessary clutter in your home, so you don’t have to move things out of the way when you are deep cleaning. Decluttering makes it easier to tackle heavier cleaning tasks, such as cleaning and disinfecting, getting carpet stains out (or tackling that nasty carpet odor), upholstery cleaning, and more. Plus, reducing clutter means that you’ll enjoy the benefit of that clutter-free space throughout the year.

Tip #2: Deep Clean the Bathrooms

Grime and soap scum start to build up throughout the year, resulting in bathrooms that appear dirty. Even if you’re proactive about light disinfecting and cleaning, it’s crucial to schedule deep cleaning for your tile and grout. Removing the buildup helps your guests feel more comfortable when they are using your bathrooms.

What is the best tile and grout cleaner? We did a whole blogpost on it here (our top recommendation is Zep Grout Cleaner and Brightener). You can find various products in the cleaning aisle, but in reality it takes a lot of time, elbow grease, and patience to scrub the accumulated buildup unless you have the right commercial cleaning tools at your disposal. Instead of spending an afternoon on bathroom deep cleaning, you might consider hiring a professional team to help with tile and grout cleaning.

Tip #3: Clean the Carpets

Most of us vacuum regularly, but not all of us go the extra mile to deep clean our carpets. If you have pets, you might already have a lot of experience getting carpet stains out and even have a favorite carpet odor remover (ours is ZeroStink™). You may not, however, have the right equipment to get to the cleaning and disinfecting you want for the holidays. 

Whether you choose to do clean rug DIY or you call in the professionals, clean carpets are essential if you want your home to feel comfortable and inviting. And if your guests have allergies, getting rid of that extra dust or pet hair can mean the difference between a miserable and a merry holiday season. We recommend you start with your vacuum to get up the stray dust, and then move on to the carpet cleaning. 

Feeling overwhelmed even thinking about tackling pet odor, cleaning specialty rugs or getting carpet stains out? Instead of spending time researching how to clean rug stains, remember you can call in the carpet cleaning DC experts for some help.

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Tip #4: General Cleaning and Disinfecting

Because of the ongoing pandemic, all of us are worried about germs. Before your guests arrive, spend time cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces in your home. For many of us that means not only wiping down heavily trafficked areas, but also thinking about soft surfaces like your area rugs and upholstery (especially if you’ve got toddlers who put everything in their mouths).

Have a plan in place for ongoing cleaning and disinfecting while your guests are visiting. Then, spend time disinfecting again after everyone leaves. The extra cleaning will give you the peace of mind to know that you are protecting your family.

Tip #5: Upholstery Cleaning (and the Upholstery Cleaning Tool)

Kid’s fingerprints, animal hair, food, and accumulated dirt can leave your furniture looking grimy and old. The good news is that you can revitalize your furniture using an upholstery cleaning tool. If you’ve got a vacuum, you’ve likely got one. It’s one of those vacuum attachments you get with the vacuum. Just run the tool over your upholstery (don’t forget under the cushions) to get out the stray dust, food and other debris. 

But if it takes more than that handy upholstery cleaning tool to get your upholstery into holiday shape, you can always call in the professionals to help you out. We often get asked who does upholstery cleaning (we do) and how much is couch cleaning? Like other professional cleaning services, you’ll need to shop around carpet cleaning companies to compare the cost for upholstery cleaning, or you can give us a call to get an estimate. 

When you’re shopping for upholstery cleaning, one strategy to save a little money is by adding this service to other services. For example, if you hire a carpet cleaning company, then ask: how much is couch cleaning if I do both? It could save you money to bundle (and cut down on your headaches at the same time)!

Bonus Tip: Don’t Forget the Small Guest Comforts

Want to ensure a cozy holiday visit? Make sure your guests are comfortable by providing access to the essential items they might need throughout the day. For example, provide easy access to the coffee maker and laundry room. Set out extra rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom. And leave out a small basket with amenities like snacks, extra toothbrushes and travel-sized toiletries.

Contact Zerorez® DC for Pro Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services

One of the simplest ways to enjoy a clean rug at home or find out the cost for upholstery cleaning is by consulting with the carpet cleaning DC team at Zerorez® DC. You can also contact us to find out about our current Monthly Specials on Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services. Call Zerorez® DC Metro at 703-382-1221 — or book a carpet cleaning appointment online. Does Zerorez® really work? Check out our Zerorez® reviews and you’ll find the answer is a resounding yes!

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