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Hidden Tips and Little-Known Facts About Professional Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

We like to say that A Clean Home Is a Healthy Home™. That’s never been more true than during these past 13 months of COVID-19.

So with the idea of “disinfecting” on everyone’s minds so much lately, the thought “Who offers the best professional home disinfection services near me?” has probably crossed yours.

But before you do any searches or make any calls to research cleaning and disinfecting companies near you, there are a few things you – as an informed consumer – should know.

13 Things To Know About House Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

The first things you should know are exactly what we mean by “cleaning,” “sanitizing,” and “disinfecting” the surfaces of your home. We break down these three actions first.


Cleaning a home’s surfaces means removing dirt and contaminants using water, soap, and some friction. By properly cleaning first, you expose underlying germs and set the stage for any subsequent sanitizing or disinfection to be more effective.


Sanitizing means that you are reducing the number of germs on a surface to a level low enough to be considered safe.


To disinfect a hard, non-porous surface means to destroy nearly the entire population of pathogens resident on that surface.

Usually that means using a chemical like alcohol or bleach – but the zr shield™ process used by Zerorez® DC Metro kills germs and keeps on killing them for up to 90 days – without leaving harmful chemicals in your home.

That’s a big reason why Zerorez® was the first company ever to earn Platinum status from the Carpet & Rug Institute – and why we’re certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

4.Make sure your professional cleaning or disinfection service does a thorough job.

Regular maid and janitorial services sometimes only do a spot-vacuum, and rarely perform deep sanitization or disinfection.

That might not be clean enough for a disinfection treatment to be fully effective. That’s why you should make sure your professional disinfecting services company is equipped to clean first.

5.How often you should disinfect varies from house to house and office to office.

How much traffic does your home get? A busy family may need professional disinfection services every six months, while a home that gets less traffic can go 12 or 15 months between disinfection services.

Same for an office or commercial setting. If your business gets plenty of foot-traffic, you should definitely increase the frequency of deep cleaning and disinfecting.

Of course, during the pandemic, more frequent disinfecting has been necessary to stay healthy.

6.Steam cleaning can get your carpets really clean…

A steam cleaner is usually the best way to clean carpets. More than 90% of dirt and bacteria are removed by steam cleaning – and if it’s done without harsh detergents and soap suds, it’s an eco-friendly cleaning solution.

For your carpet’s longevity and looks, manufacturers recommend steam cleaning (also known as hot water extraction) every 12 to 18 months, performed by a trained technician with a reputable company.

7.…But steam cleaning isn’t the same as disinfecting.

Some people think steam cleaning both cleans and disinfects. That’s only true if you use a special product that’s been tested to remove bacteria and other microbial pathogens – like we do at Zerorez® DC Metro.

8.To prepare your carpets for disinfection, you might need dry cleaning first.

Some carpets can’t get very wet for very long. If your carpet is susceptible to saturation, go with a dry cleaning before having carpets disinfected.

Another advantage of dry cleaning is that they are ready for foot traffic almost immediately.

9.Seeing spots? Disinfect less by keeping carpets spotless.

In the professional carpet cleaning services industry, the term “spotting” is another way of saying “spot removal.”

With frequent spotting done the right way by the professionals at Zerorez® DC Metro, your carpets stay fresher for longer. Plus, by giving bacteria fewer places to live, you won’t need disinfection services as often.

10.A disinfection service who cares about your allergies.

During allergy season, any professional disinfection company you hire should use an antimicrobial disinfectant to rid your home of those sniffle-inducing allergens.

11.Keep your home clean and healthy with dirt-trapping mats.

What is the purpose of disinfection? We disinfect surfaces to get rid of germs. But an even better idea is keeping germs away in the first place! Your professional disinfection services could be more effective if you set up mats on both sides of your home’s entry points, inside and outside – and observe a strict “no shoes in the house” rule.

12.Regular maintenance will make your carpets easier to clean and disinfect.

Most carpets are coated with a fiber protector that repels soils and stains. This coating wears off over time, requiring the carpet to be re-protected every 12 to 18 months. Keep on schedule with your carpet’s maintenance, and you’ll be rewarded with cleaner floors and a healthier home.

13.Disinfection services work best when your carpet cleaner leaves zero residue.

Many professional carpet cleaners use detergents and soaps in their cleaning solutions. Soap and detergent leave behind nasty, sticky residues that attract dirt, dust, mold – and yes, even bacteria and viruses.

Zerorez® doesn’t use soaps or detergents. We use an exclusive, eco-friendly solution called zr water™ that’s safe enough to drink, yet powerful enough to clean like soap.

That means going with Zerorez® as your residential or commercial carpet cleaner is the smarter, safer, healthier choice when disinfection is the goal.

So, What Do You Demand from Professional Disinfection Services?


At this time of the posting of this blog in April, vaccinations are beginning to get out there but the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over yet. Cleaning and disinfecting every surface in your home is still a wise move for good health – and that’s why professional disinfection services are a really good idea.

So now, when you look up “residential disinfection services” or “office disinfection services near me,” you’ll know just what to ask – and to expect.

Have you ever hired a disinfection company before? How was the experience? Anything you wish they had done differently – or you wish you had known?

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