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Valuable Carpet Cleaning Tips and Insider Knowledge to Keep Your Home Cleaner, Longer

Pop quiz! What’s the biggest air filter in your home?

Hint: you’re probably standing on it. It’s your carpet – and within its entangled mesh of fibers stretching from wall to wall, your carpet has the perfect design to capture much of the dust and germs that float through your home.

That’s right: your carpet is a total dirt magnet.

Zerorez® DC believes that A Clean Home is a Healthy Home™. That’s why we wanted to share these 10 carpet cleaning secrets of the pros, so you can take the best care of your home – and your family’s health!

Pro Tip One: Vacuum often. You’ll extend the life of your carpets and breathe cleaner air.

When you vacuum carpet more often, you’re keeping it cleaner and drier – and in service for longer. The Environmental Protection Agency says that “to help ensure longer life, maintain appearance, and help protect indoor air quality, carpet requires regular vacuuming with a well-functioning vacuum cleaner equipped with strong suction and a high-performance filtration bag and periodic wet extraction cleaning.”

Pro Tip Two: Take the EPA’s advice. Do a wet extraction cleaning periodically.

By far the most effective way to remove stains from carpet fibers is “wet extraction cleaning.”

Wet extraction carpet cleaning uses water – in our case, our exclusive use of the zr water® product –  injected by a high-pressure spray deep into the carpet. The water pressure knocks nearly all the dirt out of the carpet, which our patented zr wand™ extractor tool sucks up with the water. The carpet then dries fast and looks new.

Wet extraction carpet cleaning is also what Zerorez® does better than any other professional carpet cleaner, according to our industry-first Platinum certification from the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Pro Tip Three: About once a year, have your carpets cleaned by Zerorez®.

This might sound self-serving, but hiring a professional carpet cleaning service like Zerorez® DC is just a part of smart home maintenance. In fact, many carpet manufacturer warranties require owners to have carpets deep-cleaned annually by professionals.

Why? For the long-term health of your carpets, vacuuming is good and wet extraction cleaning is better, but professional carpet cleaning is the best to extend the life of your carpet. And no one cleans carpets better, for longer, than Zerorez®.

Our ZR3 process has been shown in CRI laboratory testing to remove more than 90% of dirt and debris – using no chemicals, no soaps, just eco-friendly non-toxic good-enough-to-drink zr water®.

To save your carpets, every 12 to 15 months (more often for especially high-traffic or heavily soiled areas) make your carpet cleaning appointment with Zerorez® DC.

Pro Tip Four: Your carpet has stains you can’t even see.

You might never notice the stains that are too small, too deep, or too similar in color to be visible when examining your carpet. But they’re there – and they’re a haven for bacteria and a source of odors.

Dirty, untreated carpets can be a real health concern! Whenever moisture or debris get trapped beneath the carpet backing, mold and mildew can grow and release spores into the air.

Don’t just clean the stains you can see. Be proactive about keeping carpets clean with a regimen of vacuuming, deep cleaning, and the state-of-the-art residential carpet cleaning by Zerorez® DC.

Pro Tip Five: What’s the difference between a spot and a stain? About 24 hours.

The moral of this story is: Clean up spots as soon as possible, or risk seeing them become stains. Whether the new spot is on a loop-pile carpet or an area rug, time is of the essence. Get to it quick – especially if the spot is Kool-Aid, red wine, soda, tea or coffee.

What’s the difference between removing a spot and removing a stain? A lot of time and money!

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Pro Tip Six: The best do-it-yourself stain remover is plain old water.

Know how to clean carpet without carpet cleaner? Many stains on carpets and rugs can be diluted and cleaned up with only some warm water applied directly to it.

But don’t leave it wet! How long does it take for carpet to dry? Don’t wait to find out. Moisture seeps down into the backing and may cause bacteria and mold to build up.

Pro Tip Seven: Dry with a dab, not a rub.

Maybe the stain is wet because you poured warm water on it, or maybe because your pet puppy just left it.

Either way, always dry stained areas on carpets and rugs by blotting it, not scrubbing it. You’ll spread the stain around less and get a cleaner carpet or rug.

Pro Tip Eight: Not all rugs are created equally.

Like carpets, rugs are big magnets for dirt, germs, and grime. And like carpets, there are many different varieties of rugs – and almost as many different methods to clean rugs.

For example, Persian rugs are cleaned with plenty of water – but don’t let water near a silk rug! You could stretch it out 10 times its original size. When in doubt about how to clean a rug, rely on the experienced professionals at Zerorez® DC to know the difference and clean your rugs right.

Pro Tip Nine: You can squeegee the fur off your furniture. No, really.

You know that rubber squeegee you use at the gas station to wipe off the windshield? Did you know that’s also a great way to clean the pet fur off of upholstered furniture?

Here’s how: Create static electricity by rubbing the rubber squeegee on a high-friction surface. When it’s charged up, sweep it over the fabric of Kitty’s favorite easy chair. The hair will cling to squeegee until the charge wears off.

And when you need it, Zerorez® DC is a great furniture cleaning service for removing hair and fur from rugs, mats, even staircase risers that vacuum cleaners can’t reach.

Pro Tip Ten: When at home, go shoeless!

A 2008 study conducted by microbiologists at the University of Arizona showed what we always sorta knew: Our shoes are disgusting. Like, really gross. 

The study found that enormous numbers of bacteria, from coliform to E. Coli, live on the outsides of our shoes. A walk from the front yard into the living room can bring it all right home.

So remove those shoes at the door. It’s a great preventive measure to reduce the spread of germs!

Clean Your Home’s Carpets and Take the Best Care of Your Family’s Health

Carpets are really big air filters, and filters can really get dirty. Protect the well-being of your kids and pets by keeping those carpets clean.

Please contact Zerorez® of the DC Metro and Northern Virginia for superior carpet cleaning services, surface disinfection services, and even more pro tips!

Considering some Spring Cleaning? Consider this special limited-time offer: Zerorez® DC will clean a hallway in your home for FREE when you order a 3-room package for just $129! Use code “SPRING129” when making your next carpet cleaning appointment and call 703-382-1221.

Locally owned and operated Zerorez® DC and Fredericksburg “The Right Way To Clean” in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, Maryland (including Gaithersburg, Germantown, and North Bethesda), and the Northern Virginia Region (including Lorton, Dunn Loring, Stone Ridge, Bailey’s Crossroads, Lansdowne, Lovettsville, Cascades, Seven Corners and Crystal City) since 2015.


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