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We Deliver Outstanding Customer Service

Cleaning your carpets is an essential homeownership task. Fortunately, Zerorez® DC Metro makes it easy. We like to say we are a customer service company first and cleaning company second. We are upfront and honest about our pricing, and we never employ the “bait and switch” techniques common in the industry. Our technicians also believe in our philosophy, and we thoroughly train each one of them to safely operate our equipment, make customers happy, and work quickly. Our firm belief in personalized service is why we have grown from our modest beginnings to a widely-known cleaning company.

couple on carpet

Our Technologies Set Us Apart

Our calling card is our approach to cleaning technology. We began our journey by looking around at the industry and cataloging the most common complaints. Customers were frustrated by reappearing spots and the lack of warranties. They were nervous about toxic chemicals. They waited and waited for their carpets to dry. Then we set to work developing solutions to these problems.

Technology to Get the Job Done

zr water®

Our solution to toxic chemicals and residue is to use a patented organic cleaning fluid that forgoes soaps. The result is a gentler and safer clean.

zr wand™

Achieving a complete clean without an extended wait time is a challenge our team is more than ready to conquer. Our wand is how we get the job done.

zr lifter™

Dirt, pet dander, and other debris can latch to the roots of your carpet fibers, making them difficult to remove without professional intervention. We use the zr lifter™ to get the hardest-to-reach debris.

We Offer a Range of Service to Our Clients

In addition to carpet cleaning, we clean a vast array of surfaces in both residential and commercial buildings. For example, we can restore a sheen and gorgeous shine to your tiles. We can clean the stains you’ve long accepted are a part of your stone floors and we can revitalize hardwood floors. We also specialize in treating area rugs and removing pet odor. Our versatile services wouldn’t be possible without well-honed technology and a dedicated team. We have both. We encourage you to contact our phone lines today. One of our customer service professionals will educate you about how our process works and how much it costs. From there, they can schedule an appointment for cleaning services.

padilla family

Our History

In 2015, the Padillas were looking for a way to make a difference in their community. After much discussion, they decided the best way for them to make an impact would be to open their own business to be able to provide job opportunities for area residents. Knowing that it can be difficult to start a business from square one and that many businesses fail within their first year or two, they began looking at franchise opportunities to ensure their success.

They were introduced to Zerorez® and, after researching the company and witnessing the remarkable, eco-friendly cleaning process, they knew it was exactly what the community needed. Not only could they make a difference by providing job opportunities, but now they could provide their friends and neighbors with a quality and safe cleaning service that supports a healthier environment in their homes.

In a time when companies were promoting self-serve business models and mediocre customer service, the Padillas were excited to introduce a new era of customer service in the carpet cleaning industry that would make “raving fans” out of their customers.

September 2015

Zerorez® DC Metro opens shop and starts delivering insanely clean™ carpets to the homes around the nation’s capital.

September 2016

1,000 homes zerorezified®!


Zerorez® DC Metro earns the Zerorez® Standard of Excellence Customer Service Award.

October 2017

Zerorez® refreshes its brand image.


Zerorez® DC Metro earns the Zerorez® Standard of Excellence Customer Service Award for the second time.

January 2018

Adopted Fisher House as our community service outreach partner.

December 2018

5,000 homes zerorezified®!

August 2019

More than 1,000 customers have had us back for more!

March 2020

Acquired the territory located in Prince William, Stafford and Spotsylvania counties allowing us to better serve more of our community.

September 2020

Zerorez® DC Metro turns 5!

A Clean Home is a Healthy Home™

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